Most premium casinos will offer you plenty of cashout options, but their number is not as high as the number of options for depositing funds. Hopefully, the situation is going to change. So, no matter if you are an avid slot player or an occasional gambler, there is one thing that all online gamblers share — they want their casino winnings collected fast and with ease.

The slot enthusiasts are a tough crowd, and after a couple of thrilling hours on the reels, the last thing they want to do is to wait for their winnings. This is why we made a quick summary of the best online casino withdrawal options below and some of their features.

PayPal Casinos

With 18 years of experience, this method of payment was one of the fastest growing payment methods in all fields. The American company PayPal became one of the most successful electronic payment options, and it has grown to be a household name by now. So, what are the advantages of using PayPal for gambling? First of all, you are sure that your details are stored in a safe place in your e-wallet. Secondly, many casino venues support this payment method by providing a bunch of different incentives for PayPal users. Lastly, by using PayPal as your method of payment you can be sure that the funds are transferred immediately and that the charges for withdrawals are kept low.

On top of that, PayPal’s customer support is fantastic and open for 18 hours a day. So, in case you have any troubles with your withdrawal requests, you will have someone to talk to. Even though the market has to offer a lot more, this industry veteran has proven its worth and keeps going strong.

Neteller Casinos

This method of payment reigns supreme over the e-wallet market for quite some time now. It managed to secure its reputation with its fast processing periods and high-level security systems. This British e-wallet service is used by millions of people and available in over 150 countries around the globe. One of the first benefits of this service is its diversity since it supports over 26 different currencies, making your online baking as smooth as possible. The same goes as for the previous one — fast, secure payments, followed by excellent, around-the-clock customer support.

There is a plethora of casinos that included this method of payment a long time ago, but some tend to apply different terms under their jurisdiction. In most cases, this implies them charging a transaction fee. Neteller set them to be rather low, but some venues tend to charge higher fees if you are withdrawing a nicely sized bankroll. So, beware of the Terms and Conditions page and enjoy this old-timer and its benefits.

Bitcoin Casinos

This new emerging trend influenced the gambling world too, and for good reason. The gambling industry had a long way to go from bank transfers and its tiring process to the world of cryptocurrency, where everything runs smoothly.

Since 2011 and the cryptocurrency expansion, many operators decided to dip their toes in the cryptocurrency sea of choices. However, not all of them embraced this change so ecstatically. Some added this method to their system, some refused to include it in their offer, and some casinos changed their operations and became full ‘Bitcoin’ casino sites. So, if you are a crypto user — make sure to do proper research first.

Now, what are the benefits? This currency has one significant game changer — decentralization. This currency functions solely through the peer-to-peer marketplace, and there is no third party included.

This implies a wide range of qualities, such as the ultimate level of privacy, immediate transactions, and the lowest fees on the market. Use those appetizing welcome bonus offers that await you if you are a Bitcoin user and boost your bankroll. You will be able to withdraw your winnings the fastest and the most secure way possible and enjoy in your anonymity while playing online!

Final Thoughts

One of the most frustrating elements of online gambling used to be the length of transactions and the tiring process you needed to go through in order to collect your winnings. Ever since the expansion of the online gambling industry, the brick-and-mortar casino players have been castigating online gambling sites for exhaustingly slow withdrawal methods.

This used to be accurate, but in the last couple of years, fast, or even instant withdrawals, have become the norm. Now, we are introduced with a wide array of options that make sure that after a few long hours of spinning the reels, you have your winnings in your hands within just a few hours.

We hope that we could help in your navigation through the online banking sea and that you will be able to orient yourself much better. Just keep in mind that not all casinos are offering the same terms, so detailed recommendations and some thorough research remain a must. Good luck!

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