Five Card Draw is a classic variation of poker game. It is commonly played as a home game among friends, and seldom at a casino. However, it is available in virtual casinos, even though some other variants are more popular. Nevertheless, this particular form of poker is perfect for beginners, as it is rather simple.

Five Card Draw Poker: Discarding Cards

Before we get to the point of the article, it is essential that we briefly review everything that precedes it. After all, knowing how many cards to discard means nothing if you disregard the poker hand ranking and the moves you can make once the cards are dealt. You must master these aspects as they strongly influence the course of the game.

Once you get your five cards, you ought to estimate their value in order to know whether you have a high hand or a low one. Study the chart available online, and memorize the important combinations of cards. That way, you will not happen to miss out on the opportunity to collect the cash from the table once you complete a royal flush — the highest hand there is.

As for the options you have regarding the moves, you can check, call, raise or fold. Checking is wagering nothing, and the option is available provided nobody has placed a bet. By calling, you wager the same amount of money as everyone else. If you think your hand is particularly good, you can raise the bet. You do it by wagering more than the player to your left. However, if you do not consider the cards in your hand worthy of your money, you can quit the round in progress by folding.

Receive, Discard, Replace

The cool thing about being a poker player is that you get to choose whether to keep the cards you get or not. When a round begins and the cards are dealt, you can make your move. Nevertheless, you cannot do that endlessly, as the game implies certain restrictions regarding the disposal of cards.

The rules usually state that a single player can discard a maximum of three cards. However, the restrictions tend to be loose among friends. Therefore, you can expect to be allowed to replace four cards. However, you can do it on the condition your hand contains an Ace or a wild card (if you have incorporated it into the game). Nevertheless, doing so provides the other players with a partial insight into your cards. They will know you have either an Ace or a wild card.

Some casinos offer the possibility of replacing all five cards. However, if you choose to do so, you will not get all five replacement cards at once. Instead, the dealer will give you four cards in a row, and leave you waiting for the fifth until all the other players finish drawing their cards.

Whatever the case, you ought to know that your replacement card will never be the one from the bottom of the deck. Therefore, if you happen to glance at it at some point, do not get your hopes up — you will not get it.


I promised that Five Card Draw is a rather simple variation, and I have kept my promise. The purpose of the game is to have fun and collect some money. That is exactly what you will manage to do if you follow the rules and make the moves correctly. Consider the possibility of discarding some cards a step closer to your goal, which is hopefully, winning. However, do not just throw the cards away without giving it a second thought. Keep in mind that poker is a strategy game. Therefore, it requires contemplating the options rather than acting on impulse.


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